A Little Party Never Killed Noboday

Party decoration

As I’m getting ready to celebrate a very belated 30th birthday / housewarming party on Saturday, I found it quite hard to find some elegant and grown-up party supplies. There isn’t a lot out there, that isn’t wedding or baby shower-themed, both of which I wouldn’t want to imply at my party.

Fortunately, I found some party supplies that weren’t neither, but rather grown up, so nothing stands in the way of my party.

In case, you are planning a grown-up party as well, here are my favorite party supplies and suppliers:

1) You can never go wrong with colored paper balls as the basis of your decoration.

2) I hesitated for quite a while about ordering anything at a store called Baby Belly Party, but then I found this elegant golden Happy Birthday-garland, that doesn’t scream baby shower at all.

3) Pom poms offer a nice variety if comined with paper balls or balloons. A great number of pom pom sets in various colors are available at the Dawanda shop PomPomsForParties.

4) The one thing I REALLY wanted for this party were golden foil number balloons and I found them at Party-Discount.

5) These chalkboard balloons can be designed as you please. They are a fun way of indicating the place of the bar or buffet or show the way to the party. If you want rather readily made balloons, Dawanda-shop glücksschauer offers a variety of caligraphed ballons for any occasion.

6) Okay, they might be a bit specifically themed, but I find these little paper ice-cream cones adorable.

7) Confetti is a must-have at any great party (preferably the ones you don’t have in your own apartment, so you don’t have to collect all the pieces afterwards), these copper confetti poppers are somewhat grown-up and more elegant than the regular paper ones. They are also available at glücksschauer.

8) I ordered most of my paper plates and cups at Cartissimi and I found them extremely helpful. They went massively out of their way to accomodate my wishes. They offer an elegant set fo golden chevron paper plates, cups, cupcake wrappers, napkins and what not. If you don’t fancy gold that much or your color concept has a different focus, Cartissimi offers paper plates in various colors.

Photo credit & copyright: Dawanda (shops: glücksschauer, Cartissimi, Papiergarten, PomPomsForParties, Euli & Co),

Baby Belly Party, Party Discount

Klick Tip

klick tip

1) As I’m planning a housewarming / belated birthday-party, I found these ideas for a stylish and grown-up party very helpful.

2) I feel like I could use some advice on increasing my efficiency lately.

3) The most mouthwatering website I have ever seen. Nicely designed and offering 30 delicious looking cheeseburger recipes, I  all want to try.

4) In case you are planning your summer vacation yet, here are 10 travelling apps that might help.

5) 15 recipes for spring cocktails I also came across in preparation for my party.

6) The Girl on the Train is the book that seems to pop up everywhere lately and I finally decided to buy it yesterday. In case you are ahead in the game and have already read it, here are 12 recommendations for  books to read if you loved The Girl on the Train.

7) As I’m still putting finishing touches on our new apartment, I found these tips on how to chose the right rug size or how to hang your drapery quite helpful.

8) Inspirational career advice on how women can have it all.

Photo credit & copyright: Stylecaster, Darling Magazine, Cheese and Burger, World of Wanderlust,

Sugar & Charm, Bustle, Design by Numbers, Elite Daily

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

1) Sunny spring coat by Warehouse via Asos.

2) Elegant yet cosy jaket by Vila via Edited.

3) I so need these flamingo earstuds by mint.

4) One can’t have enough blouses, especially when it’s dark blue – by mint&berry (via Zalando).

5) I rediscovered my American Eagle flare jeans in my closet and fell in love again.

Photo credit & copyright: Asos, Edited, mint, Zalando, American Eagle

Klick Tip

Klick Tip

1) Tumblr comparing hip hop artists to people depicted in art before 1600. Hilarious!

2) Planning your 2015 vacation yet? Here are 10 travel websites you need to know.

3) In this video couples reveal to each other how many people they had sex with. So funny!

4) I love the idea of these little 30 days challenges like having more motivated mornings (check out The Everygirl for more).

5) I’ve recently moved into a new apartment and the one thing I really want for my new home is a bar cart. This helpful bar cart 101 lists everything you need for the perfect bar cart.

6) Now that spring is coming along, here are some useful tips on how to properly store your winter clothes.

7) Cute yet a little sad short movie on the stages of a relationship.

8) Looking at these 21 traditional hangover cures from around the world (in case your bar cart was too well stacked), you oscilate between never wanting a drink again and craving for some ridiculously greasy food.

Photo credit & copyright: Tumblr, World of Wanderlust, Youtube, The Everygirl,

Darling Magazine, Stylecaster, meandyoufilm.com, Buzzfeed

Deal or Steal – the Bucket Bag

Deal or Steal

Mansur Gavriel’s Bucket Bag was THE purse to have last fall. Available in eight different colors at about 470€ a piece, the bag is made out of leather and closed by a drawstring.

Of course, it was only a matter of time, until less expensive versions of the bag are available. Actually, with the new season’s collections coming in, you get the impression that bucket bags are everywhere you look. Therefore, I put together a collection of cheaper alternatives to the original starting as low as 25€:

1) White faux leather bag with crocodile print by Paul’s Boutique via Zalando.

2) Leather bag available in black and tan by Mango (80€).

3) Small black faux leather bucket bag by Asos (25€).

4) Light blue suede Accessorize bucket bag (90€).

5) Probably the copy with the highest quality and my favorite, unfortunately also the most expensive one, too: eve & adis real leather bucket bag via Dawanda with detachable inside pocket (170€).

6) Bucket bag by H&M, available in black and tan faux leather, with a differently colored inside (25€).

7) Black suede bucket bag by mint&berry via Zalando (80€).

8) Brown faux leather bucket bag by Zara (40€).

9) Esprit faux leather grey bucket bag with drawstring (60€).

Photo credit & copyright: Mansur Gavriel,  Accessorize, Asos, Dawanda, Esprit, H&M, Mango, Zalando, Zara

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